Infrastructure Security

Attackers look for gaps - Make sure we've already found them

Infrastructure Security

Your networks are bigger than they’ve ever been, and growing, with increasing points of access. As attackers find news ways to exploit these vulnerabilities everyday, it’s critical that organizations structure their network security capabilities to match threats that can spread from one end user through an entire organization.  How do you counter these complex attacks?

How Manteo Can Help

Now is the time to combine tactical defenses like firewalls and device hardening with networks designed with security as a primary consideration and continuous auditing to remain secure, up to date and compliant. With expertise in security, networking, data center and infrastructure and experience with the complexities of IoT, mobility and multi-cloud we help you:

  • Evaluate your current hardware and software solutions for effectiveness
  • Identify gaps in security
  • Identify areas to reduce cost 
  • Create a comprehensive plan to ensure optimal security
  • Ensure compliance
  • Train employees to reduce risk