Managed Security

When risks outpace your response - Consider us the cavalry

Managed Security

Cyber attacks are becoming more complex and more frequent. Internal teams are often stretched beyond their ability to manage the volume of incoming security messages and related actions in addition to the need to assess and understand threats that have not yet been encountered within your organization. How can you relieve the pressure?

How Manteo Can Help

Manteo’s Managed Security Services is a holistic approach to security operations. Our goal is integration with, or transition of, your existing systems with a minimum of disruption. We offer:

  • An adaptive services model that allows us to augment your resources as required or offer an alternative to hiring, training and retaining skilled resources
  • Constant monitoring of all vulnerability points which may be resource prohibitive internally
  • Broader industry understanding of evolving threats and responsive best practices
  • Services spanning security analytics, event correlation, threat intelligence feeds, threat hunting and detection, incident response, remediation, forensics, compliance and reporting
  • Rapid scaling and deployment of new services and technologies to meet new security challenges

Manteo Managed Security provides allows you to obtain the security posture required to safeguard your business in a way that makes the most business sense.