Next Gen Risk Management

The threat continues to evolve - Let us help you do the same

Managing Next Gen Threats

What are the top security risks facing your business and how are you protecting against them? Due to a rapidly changing threat landscape, and constantly increasing levels of business connectivity, many businesses struggle to answer this critical question. 

Here’s the impact on businesses like yours:

  • Current global average of a 28% (and climbing) chance that an organization will experience a security breach within a two-year span
  • Related losses in North America totalled nearly $500 billion last year 
  • Largest areas of impact were lost business, loss of consumer confidence and employee non-productivity.  

So how do you anticipate evolving and emerging threats and avoid this threat negatively impacting a quarter of all businesses?

How Manteo Can Help

We act as an extension of your information security department, employing a continuous assessment and risk management solution that addresses all areas of your infrastructure and includes: 

  • Highly effective risk assessments – Measuring risks and vulnerability across your entire organization 
  • Detailed reporting – Communicating threats in a clear and actionable way
  • Ongoing reviews – Ensuring adjustments are made proactively and frequently 
  • Process and program development – Creating programs based on information gathered that align with governance and compliance requirements 
  • Training services – Preparing your team to respond confidently 
  • Roadmap development – Creating documentation including detailed findings, analytics and recommendations to empower your organization to articulate your security posture and manage next gen threats effectively

Get in touch and allow us to design a customized plan to manage the Next Gen risk that threaten your business.