Security Assessment and Incident Response

Understanding equals readiness - We've got the insight

Security Assessment & Incident Response

Online service delivery is integral to many enterprises, but it exposes businesses to risk.  Despite billions being spent on cyber security, breaches occur regularly. How do you protect your business while leveraging unsecured web applications ( many handling sensitive information) that can leave you vulnerable to attacks?

How Manteo Can Help

Let Manteo uncover the vulnerabilities that place your online services at risk. We’ll:

  • Test your corporate network to ensure it’s safe from insider threats
  • Provide a detailed assessment of remote access solutions to see if they can be exploited and what data can be exfiltrated. 
  • Help secure your network by reviewing your data access rules, standards and regulatory compliance, and security auditing and record keeping standards and procedures.
  • Empower your team implement best practices, secure configurations, and work through various security monitoring solutions. 

We’ll employ assessments and penetration testing to discover vulnerabilities before they’re exploited and will design a remediation strategy based on our findings that enhances your security in a way that makes sense for your business.  Together, these tests and assessments provide a complete picture of your organization’s security posture, its effective protections and the actions necessary to strengthen it in the future.